Custom Hand Painted Orthodox Icons to Order

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We offer hand painted icons from the Icon Painting Studio of St Elisabeth Convent.

Each icon is painted by expert icon painters who strictly follow Orthodox canons.

We take orders for painted icons, including:

  • family icons
  • wedding icons
  • measure icons (icons for baptism)
  • namesake icons
  • church icons
  • gift icons

You can learn more about our icon painting studio by clicking here.

Icons are painted on a well-dried and gessoed lime, pine or alder board. No fewer than ten layers of gesso are applied to the icon to serve as the primer for the paint layer.

You can choose acrylic or tempera paints (made from minerals ground by hand and mixed with egg yolk). The icon can be gold-plated with 22k, 23k, 24k gold leaf.

It can also be decorated with precious and semiprecious stones (pearls, topaz, onyx, chrysoprase, amethyst), plaques, and ornament.

The icon can have inscriptions in any language.

We can also make a textile or metal oklad for your icon, or a wooden icon case with or without carving.

The size of an icon depends on the type of image (face, shoulder-length, half-length or full-length icon, scene icon, wedding icon, etc.) and is agreed upon in advance.

The cost of an icon depends on its size, complexity and the type of the icon.

Each icon is accompanied by a certificate that indicates the full name and description of the image and confirms autenticity of icon painting technology and materials used in the process.

It usually takes 4-5 weeks to paint an icon.

The icon painter thoroughly studies the biography of the saint whose icon s/he is about to paint. While they paint the icon, the painters pray to this saint and read akathists continually.

As soon as the icon is finished, it is consecrated in St Elisabeth Convent.

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Custom Hand Painted Orthodox Icons to Order