We offer handmade miters made to order in a workshop of St Elisabeth Convent. The miters can be made of brocade or velvet using manual or machine embroidery and various decorative elements of your choice (precious and semi-precious gemstones, pearls, Swarovski strasses, cannetille, etc.)

 You can choose the types of icons to be attached to the miter from several options, including:

  • gilded brass medallions with blackening;
  • ceramic icons with overglaze paintings;
  • printed icons made using tactile varnish.

 You can order a premium-quality miter for a priest or a bishop from our Catalog. Several kinds of crosses are available.

 You can specify all your preferences in the Comment section of your order. We will supply you with information pertaining to fabrics, deadlines, and prices as soon as possible.

 The prices specified here are for reference only. The final cost of each item depends on techniques and materials used to make it, as well as your location. After you place your order, our specialist will contact you to calculate its final cost.

Please, note that all the mitres represented in this section can be made in any liturgical color according to your preferences.

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  1. mitre with embroidered icons
    ZSH-M-26 Mitre with 8 Embroidered Icons
  2. blue mitre
    ZSH-M-5 Mitre with Embroidered Angels
  3. ZSH-M-26-2-1 Pearl Mitre with 8 Embroidered Icons
    ZSH-M-26-2-1 Pearl Mitre with 8 Embroidered Icons
  4. gold embroidered mitre
    ZSH-M-6-8 Mitre with embroidered crosses and grapevine
  5. ZSH-М-34-01 (1)
    ZSH-M-34-04 Mitre with Embroidered Crosses
  6. green mitre
    ZSH-M-31-2 Mitre
  7. black winter mitre
    ZSH-M-30 Ancient Russian Mitre
  8. black velvet mitre
    ZSH-M-20-1 Mitre with Greek Embroidery
  9. red mitre
    ZSH-M-26-4 Mitre
  10. gold embroidered mitre
    ZSH-M-17-4 Pearl Mitre
  11. embroidered bishop mitre
    ZSH-M-16-3 Bishop Mitre with Embroidered Icons
  12. gold embroidered mitre
    ZSH-M-6-3 "Cross and Grapevine" embroidered mitre with natural pearls
  13. bishop mitre
    ZSH-M-6-1 "Grapevine" Mitre for Bishop or Archpriest
  14. grape embroidery mitre
    ZSH-M-2-5 Mitre
  15. white mitre
    ZSH-M-3-1 Mitre "Crown" with Pearls
  16. gold priest mitre
    ZSH-M-2-4 Brocade Mitre
  17. синяя митра
    ZSH-M-26-3 Mitre for Bishop or Archpriest
  18. white mitre with Evangelists embroidery
    ZSH-M-22 Mitre with Embroidered Symbols of the Holy Evangelists
  19. red mitre
    ZSH-M-33-4-4 White Velvet Mitre
  20. ZSH-М-33-4-3 (2)
    ZSH-M-33-4-6 Velvet Mitre
  21. красная митра
    ZSH-M-16 Mitre with Embroidered Icons
  22. white pearl mitre
    ZSH-M-26-2-3 Mitre with 8 Embroidered Icons
  23. gold mitre
    ZSH-M-2-2 Mitre
  24. bishop mitre
    ZSH-M-2 Mitre for Bishop or Priest
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