Christmas Toys for Children

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Wooden Toys For Kids

Since the early ages, children from all over the world have been playing with handmade wooden toys. First of all, wood was the most accessible material. There are different types of wood and it can be found anywhere in the world except deserts. Secondly, wood is easier to work with than stone or metal. Humans learned woodcarving a long time ago and it definitely came in handy throughout history, for example when creating natural wooden toys.

First wooden toys for kids were mostly educational rather than entertaining. They appeared more than 2 million years ago and most of them were intended to teach growing humans critical skills. Wooden dolls became popular in ancient Egypt and at that point children used them for entertainment purposes.

In the Middle Ages toys made out of wood were commercially manufactured and sold for the first time. Since then, many generations of children have been enjoying playing with beautifully crafted eco-friendly wooden models and figures. The most classic wooden toy that comes to mind is a rocking horse or a wheeled horse. Such horses were actually found by archaeologists on the territory of modern day Greece and date back to the 9th century BC.

Wooden Baby Toys of St. Elisabeth Convent

Here at Saint Elisabeth Convent our craftsmen create eco-friendly wooden toys for kids. Most of them are children's traditional wooden toys that originated on the territory of modern day Russia and Belarus. They are time-tested since countless young kids grew up playing with them every single day.

If you want to buy children’s wooden toys online, consider purchasing the ones made at our Convent. These are not just any toys. We make beautiful handcrafted wooden toys with prayer and love.

1. Carved Wooden Toys

Our craftsmen recreate the most loved Russian balancing toys carved out of fine wood. If you have never seen one or played with one - you need to try! They are usually wooden figures of animals (bears or rabbits) doing an activity like cutting something with a seesaw or chopping a log with an axe. The fun part is that the toy itself has a simple mechanic behind it. For example, when you move a certain element on the bottom, the figure actually performs the described action. This is a great toy for kids of all ages.

2. Pecking Chickens Folk Toy

This one is once again an example of a balancing toy. It represents five wooden chickens standing in a circle and pecking grains.

3. Rocking Horse Toy

The famous rocking horse will bring so much happiness to your small child! The workshops of St. Elisabeth Convent create such horses of different sizes and colors, so you can choose the one that your child will love the most.

4. Toys “Nesting Doll”

One of Russia’s unofficial symbols - the Matryoshka, or simply a nesting doll. This is a great wooden toy for a baby.

5. Miniature Truck Model

Small wooden model of a truck will fit in your palm when assembled. Perfect gift for a child who loves cars.

6. Gift Box

Buy your kid a beautifully handpainted gift box and put a souvenir or a present inside. This can be an amazing surprise for older kids. By purchasing our wooden baby toys you contribute to St Elisabeth Convent’s many ministries, like helping the poor, the disabled and the homeless.