Vestments for Orthodox Priests

We offer ready-made and bespoke Orthodox priest vestments.

The Sewing Workshop of St Elisabeth Convent makes high-quality vestments for Orthodox priests to measure based on your preferences with regard to color, fabric, and adornments. We can make a complete vestment set, as well as specific items, i.e., a phelonion, an epitrachelion, cuffs, a belt, a nabedrennik, or an epigonation (palitsa).

The vestments are made of brocade, church silk, and velvet. The vestments can be adorned with embroidery, handmade tassels, and semi-precious gemstones in settings.

You can also buy ready-made vestments for Orthodox priests. Please feel free to contact us. We will gladly help you to choose the most suitable vestment that we have in stock.

Thank you for supporting the ministry of St Elisabeth Convent.

We make vestments according to your specifications. email us to place your custom order if you dont see the vestments you are looking for in the catalog:

Please note that the final prices of the items in our catalogue may be different from the quoted ones, depending on the method of delivery. We will contact you after you place an order confirming your order and specifying its final cost. 

You can view or download the Measurements Table by clicking on this link.

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  1. russian priest vestment
    SH-11-259 Russian Style Priest Vestment
  2. purple priest vestment
    SH-20-55/1 Greek Priest Vestment
  3. embroidered epitrachelion
    SH-18-50 Epitrachelion and Cuffs Set with Byzantium Embroidery
  4. gold russian priest vestment front view
    SH-11-286-1/3 Russian Style Priest Vestment
  5. SH-18-95-2 Epitrachelion & Cuffs Set with Constellation Embroidery
    SH-18-95-2 Epitrachelion & Cuffs Set with Constellation Embroidery
  6. Golden  Russian-style priest vestment
    SH-11-2 Russian Style Priest Vestment
  7. blue church silk epitrachelion;
    SH-18-92-2 Epitrachelion & Cuffs Set with Embroideries
  8. russian style priest vestment front view
    SH-11-139-1 Russian Style Priest Vestment
  9. white priest vestment
    SH-11-231 Russian Style Priest Vestment with Grapevine Embroidery
  10. russian style priest vestment
    SH-11-253 Russian Style Priest Vestment
  11. Иерейская епитрахиль из декоративной ткани с вышивкой Апостолы и архангелы
    SH-18-86 Epitrachelion & Cuffs Set with Apostles and Archangels Embroidery
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Items 1-24 of 86

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Set Descending Direction