Vestments for Deacons and Altar Servers

Our Catalog of St Elisabeth Convent offers traditional deacon's vestments, which consist of a sticharion, an orarion, and cuffs.

Dense and elegant textiles are normally used for the sticharion. Our sewing workshop has a wide selection of high quality fabrics and embroidery patterns, available in various liturgical colors.

An orarion is decorated with embroidered crosses and cherubs. Additional embroidery of any complexity may be executed upon request.

As a rule, cuffs are made from the same material as the sticharion and are decorated in the same style.

You can order each item of a deacon's vestment set separately — just write to us at:

The rich diversity of available textiles and high professionalism allow the tailors who work in the sewing workshop of St Elisabeth Convent to make deacon's vestments based on your individual preferences with regard to fabric, color, and embroidery pattern

Please note that the final prices of the items in our catalogue may be different from the quoted ones, depending on the method of delivery. We will contact you after you place an order confirming your order and specifying its final cost. FAQ

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  1. фиолетовый орарь с вышивкой
    SH-13-31 Protodeacon Orarion
    As low as $385.00
  2. орарь протодиаконский из бархата
    SH-13-20 Protodeacon Orarion with Cuffs
    As low as $389.00
  3. Диаконское облачение зеленого цвета
    SH-12-23 Deacon Vestment
    As low as $664.00
  4. embroidered protodeacon's orarion
    SH-13-41-2 Protodeacon Orarion
    As low as $205.00
  5. deacon vestment
    SH-12-32-V/2 Deacon Vestment
    As low as $827.00
  6. Black Protodeacon's Vestment Set
    SH-12-97 Protodeacon Vestment
    Special Price $796.00 Regular Price $955.00
  7. протодиаконское облачение: белый стихарь и орарь с золотой вышивкой
    SH-12-92 Protodeacon Vestment
    Special Price $456.00 Regular Price $555.00
  8. золотой протодиаконский орарь с вышивкой
    SH-13-26 Double Orarion and Cuffs
    As low as $370.00
  9. Green Double Orarion and Cuffs for Protodeacon
    SH-13-51 Velvet Double Orarion and Cuffs
    As low as $297.00

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Items 1-24 of 59

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