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This section of our on-line catalog contains the products of the sewing, embroidery, and gold embroidery workshops of St Elisabeth Convent. All vestments are cut to order in accordance with your preferences. The items on display are specimens; other textiles, as well as minor alterations of design, are available on demand. The items are made to measure.

It takes 4 weeks to make a vestment without embroidery; 4-6 weeks to make a vestment with embroidery, depending on how complex the item is. Please place your orders at least three months in advance.

Please note that the final prices of the items in our catalogue may be different from the quoted ones, depending on your location and method of delivery. We will contact you after you place an order confirming your order and specifying its final cost.

You can add your measurements separately from the order at any time by clicking on this link.