Russian Style Undercassock with Embroidery

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A summer Russian-style undercassock is decorated with embroidery on the collar, the cuffs and the pockets. The undercassock is breathable and enjoyable to touch. 

Fabric: viscose rayon, linen or wool blend. The threads for the embroidery can be in any colour. 
The cost of the vestment depends on the chosen fabric. 

Please note that the bottoms of cassocks and undercassocks are not hemmed. You can request for the vestment to be hemmed in the comment box when placing the order or via email when submitting the measurements.

Additionally, you can order a handmade belt, which comes in many lengths and colours, by leaving your request in the Comment field of your order.

Expert tailors who work in St Elisabeth Convent will make undercassocks for you based on your preferences. All our models are designed by our own specialists. Embroideries made using advanced, modern equipment.

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Russian Style Undercassock with Embroidery