150-Segment Lestovka Prayer Rope

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Lestovka prayer ropes ("ladder") were used by monks in the Old Russia Orthodox Church. Lestovka prayer ropes consist of braided steps with a small scroll of the Jesus Prayer in each of them.

Lestovkas are used for the repetition of the Jesus prayer (Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner. In short, Lord, have mercy on me). Usually, 150-step lestovka is used to read prayers to the Virgin Mary.

The prayer ropes are made according to the Old Russian tradition of black or brown natural soft leather. Every 5 segments are divided with a cross for convenience.

These prayer ropes are made at the Men's Rehabilitation Center of St. Elisabeth Convent. When you buy this product, you contribute to the maintenance of the Rehabilitation Center.


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150-Segment Lestovka Prayer Rope