• Holy Table Tabernacles
  • Gospel and Epistle Covers
  • Liturgical Objects
  • Pectoral and Holy Table Crosses
  • Censers
  • Vigil Lamps
  • Candle Holders
  • Reliquaries
  • Church Banners and Processional Crosses
  • Candles


Church Supplies in the Catalog of St Elisabeth Convent

The first masterpieces were created by our non-ferrous metals workshop for the churches of St Elisabeth Convent. Soon enough, they began receiving orders for church supplies from all over the world. You can see the Holy Table crosses, seven-arm chandeliers, tabernacles, sanctuary icons and crosses, bookcovers for worship books, reliquaries for holy relics, vigil lamps and many other items made in our workshop in many churches in Belarus, Russia, Germany, the USA, and other countries.

Our professional artists and craftspeople will make church goods according to your requirements and preferences. They use both traditional and modern technologies, such as filigree, chiseling, etching, incrustation with gemstones, enamelwork, stamping, electrotype, casting, silver-plating, gold-plating, and gilding.

We also offer ready-made church supplies.

We will make beautiful items for your church in accordance with your preferences and specifications. Deadlines and costs are agreed upon after you place an order.

Please note that the final prices of the items in our catalogue may be different from the quoted ones, depending on your location and method of delivery. We will contact you after you place an order confirming your order and specifying its final cost.