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Our online Christmas Market brings you the joy of giving

How could one imagine a Christmas without a Christmas market? Family Christmas gift shopping has always been a popular pastime. In our part of the world, the head of the family organised the visit and made sure that everyone got something to their liking. There were many Merry Christmas gifts to choose from. The stalls creaked under the weight of all the merchandise. The tantalising flavours of boiling Gluchwein, hot pies and fresh-cut furs were everywhere. Bright candy was a generic Christmas present. It was on sale everywhere, shaped as Santa's staff. Santa was invisibly present at every market. Perhaps he was making sure that no one left without a present!
Nowadays, many markets have moved online but have remained as exciting as in the old times. Visit the online market of Saint Elisabeth Convent, and see for yourself!

A large selection of Christmas-themed gifts

The variety is breathtaking. You can find almost anything. Enjoy our selection of plush toys stuffed with straw and buckwheat shells. These hand-made angels, bears, monkeys and rabbits are cute, funny and excellent for relieving stress. Explore our variety of cut wooden toys. Some keep the design of the good old days. At the turn of a lever, they come alive. This toy chicken starts plucking on the seed, and in this toy, the man and bear at the tree trunk begin to pull their see-saw. Many of these toys will appeal to your children, and maybe they would want to have some as their Christmas gifts.
Are you interested in something more exclusive? You may like our gift collection of porcelain tea items - teapots, cream and sugar sets, saucers, and candle trays. All were painted by hand and decorated with designer decals. Because of their beauty and sophistication, many buy them to put in their art collections. Want to give someone a warm and cosy Christmas? Try our full-wool items - mantles, mittens, vests and socks with winter-themed patterns. Your grandma or grandpa will love them.
Are you looking for a gift for that special someone? Give them the atmosphere of the Christmas holiday. A music box might be a good gift idea. It plays the tunes of the best and most beloved Christmas carols as your special one opens it. Stained-glass Christmas tree presents will add colour to their lives. Alternatively, consider giving a nativity set, a wooden manger with baby Christ or a set of Christmas angels.

Strengthening the bonds of love and friendship

Being a part of the online Christmas market is a great joy for all of us at Saint Elisabeth Convent. We rejoice at this opportunity to give to others from our hearts. Our artisans bring you their dedication and love for their work. They made each item with their hands. Our seamstresses put all their love and care into every item from our wool collection. Hard-working brothers and sisters give their time to place your selections in gift bags and send them for delivery by post or courier. Together, we share the joy of Christ with disabled children in long-term care institutions in Belarus, the disadvantaged men and women residing at our farmsteads, and the poor and needy.
Do you believe in the miracle of Christmas? Come to our online market. May the joy of the Nativity multiply with every gift we made and received. Let our bonds of friendship and love grow stronger, and may His Divine light illuminate our hearts. May we all experience the miracle of Christ's birth, as the Magi did, and follow the Star of Bethlehem to bow to Him.

The parcel will be shipped within two days after placing the order. Please note the postage (varies from 6 to 25$ depending on the weight) and PayPal charges (6% from the total sum) are on the customer's behalf.

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