Bishop Vestments

All Orthodox bishop’s vestments in this section are made to order in the Sewing Workshop of St Elisabeth Convent. We take into account all your preferences with regard to fabric, embroidery, galloons, and color.

An Orthodox bishop vestment typically consists of 7 items: a sakkos, an epitrachelion, cuffs, a belt, a big and a small omophorion, and an epigonation (palitsa). A set may also include a sulok – a distinct feature of a Russian bishop’s vestment. It is a sewn together double cloth used by bishops to hold their croziers outdoors in frosty weather.

We can make either a full set of bishop’s vestments or parts of it. Additionally, we can make a podsakkosnik to match the vestment.

You can order a bishop’s vestment of any liturgical color, including models that we don’t have in our Catalog. Please specify your preferences in the Comment section of your order or send us an email at

The quoted prices may vary depending on your preferences, location, and delivery method. We will contact you as soon as you place your order to discuss its final cost.

You can add your measurements separately from the order at any time by clicking on this link.