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SH-27-80 Holy Table Vestment (Blue)

Very Beautiful and Well made!

By Proto Deacon Michael

2021-02-21 21:53:18

We ordered this vestments and another for proskomedia table over a year ago and the size was exactly as ordered. Very well made ...
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By Susannah

2021-02-17 05:12:22

I recommend the work and artistry of St. Elisabeth iconographers completely. I received this same ikon a few months ago. It is ex ...
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SH-01-10 Greek Rayon Undercassock

Very good choice for year-round wear

By Br. Marko

2021-02-16 21:42:17

Got the undercassock this past summer, been using it constantly (8 months now). Very good quality and durability. I wash it regul ...
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KM-126-31-57 Byzantium Holy Water Cup

A beautiful, small, Holy Water Cup

By OrthodoxinEngland

2021-02-12 13:09:36

This is a lovely, little Holy Water cup. It fits in well in the Icon Corner. Very pleased.
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Beautifully made

By MarcusC

2021-01-21 03:48:07

Beautifully made with utmost care despite its mini size. Thank you !
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