CD Mystical Supper. The New Voice Orthodox Choir

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The Eucharist is a mystery, the very mystery of joy, the mystery of all mysteries, the mystery of the Church. The Eucharist is a joyful gathering of those who are to meet the risen Lord, and they enter with him into the bridal chamber. The Eucharist is an action by which a group of people become something corporately, which they had not been as a mere collection of individuals. It is the essential attitude, and the essential act of the Church, which is the new humanity, restored by Christ, one transforming act, and one ascending movement.

Protopresbyter Alexander Schmemann

The album that you now hold in your hands is unique because it is the first time that the choir of St Elisabeth Convent sings in English. Many of our friends from abroad have persistently asked us to record church chants in the language they could understand, that is, English. What else could we record but the chants of the Divine Liturgy ­ the very special service, which contains and makes manifest the essence of our Orthodox faith: the possibility for us humans to come into mystical unity with Christ and to become like Him? The Liturgy is called Divine precisely because it is here that mere bread and wine are sacramentally transsubstantiated into the Body and the Blood of Christ. Partaking of these Mysteries, we become one with Christ and with each other as the Church. It took us a long time to record all these tracks, and even more time to find sheet music for some of them. You may notice that the choir that recorded this album is entitled The New Voice Orthodox Choir, and that is not for no reason. It turned out that not every member of either the Festive Choir or the Monastic Choir of St Elisabeth Convent could read and sing in English, so we had to pick some members from both choirs, thus becoming a truly new choir with a new voice. We hope that you will like the result!

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SKU CD-92287
Record Type Worship Hymns
Producer/Studio Studio in honor of St.John the Warrior
Record Format CD
Runtime 45
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Discs/Package 1
Available in languages English
Release Date Mar 27, 2015
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