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Orthodox Christian wedding gifts: all you need for a happy marriage journey

In a wedding, two hearts and two souls become one. Families and friends gather to witness the beginning of a beautiful journey. Groomsmen stand next to the groom to ensure he is well dressed and looks good. Bridesmaids in matching dresses come to support the bride and share her joy. The bride and groom exchange vows and wedding rings, pledging their hearts to each other.

At an Orthodox Christian wedding, we do not just celebrate the couple's physical and emotional union. We mark their spiritual union in Christ. The Orthodox mystery of marriage calls the husband and wife to selflessly love and serve each other, as Christ loves and serves his Church. In this way, Christian marriage is a sign of Christ's love for all men. We have prepared a selection of goods and supplies for a Christian wedding to fill it with joy and meaning. Check out our collection of Orthodox wedding supplies and marriage gifts for this glorious occasion that everyone will want to remember with fond memories.

A promise of service and sacrifice

The first part of an Orthodox church wedding, the betrothal service, ends with the exchange of wedding rings. It is a powerful sign of the couple's commitment to balancing one partner's weaknesses with the other's strengths. The bride and groom hold candles throughout the wedding service that begins immediately after the betrothal. Like the lamps of the five wise virgins in the Bible, the candles symbolize the couple's spiritual preparation to accept Christ.

The couple can choose to write their name and wedding date on the candles. In this way, candles make exceptional keepsakes. Personalized Orthodox wedding candles make the ceremony even more special. Candles also add elegance to any wedding. You are more likely to find what you need at a great price if you buy your wedding candles in bulk.

The focal point of the wedding service is the coronation ceremony. The bride and groom wear wedding crowns that symbolize their bond with the kingdom of God and their promise to live for one another.

Wedding gifts

When it comes to wedding gifts, Orthodox Christians have a few options. The first and most obvious is to give the couple a gift that will help them in their new life together. Another option is to give something with religious meaning or symbolism behind it. It can be a crucifix, an icon or a Bible.

A common practice in an Orthodox wedding is to present the bride and groom with a wedding icon: of Christ - as a reminder of God's love and mercy, or of the Mother of God - as a reminder of humility and sacrifice. The icons also remind a couple of their wedding vows and the vows they made on their wedding day.

A wedding gift box for the bride and groom is a special way to show them how much you care. It can be filled with all sorts of things, from traditional to unique, and everything in between. A wedding gift wrap is a thoughtful and appreciated gift.

As an English classic once pointed out, the engine of marriage runs on the fuel of silent love, which exists between partners even when they don't like each other, and with which we love each other even when we don't love each other. May your marriage be a shared journey of love, fidelity and trust with a shared goal of redemption, and may the items in this section support you throughout this journey.