01-00 Wedding Icons of Christ The Savior and the Mother of God

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Wedding icons are a pair of icons of Christ the Pantocrator and the Mother of God of Kazan in the same style, made of natural gemstones.

This composition is made using semiprecious stones and gold leaf: 

  • White — alumina, calcite, marble;
  • Cherry — haematite, jasper;
  • Blue and pale blue — azurite, lazurite, turquoise, turkmenite, iolite;
  • Yellow — amber, lemonite, jarosite, auripigment;
  • Golden — pyrite, astrophyllite;
  • Red — coral, cinnabar, tufa, garnet;
  • Lilac — amethyst, stichtite, lepidolite;
  • Gray — galenite, antimonite, molybdenite;
  • Orange — crocoite, carneol, wulfenite;
  • Black — gagate, shungite, aegirine;
  • Brown — jasper, sphalerite, volcanic rocks, lemonite;
  • Green — malachite, dioptase, diopside, serpentine, onyx, amazonite.

This pair of stone icons of the Holy Savior and the Mother of God is available in several sizes:

  • 130×180 mm
  • 150×210 mm
  • 180×240 mm
  • 210×300 mm
  • 300×400 mm

The quoted price is for an icon of Christ the Pantocrator and an icon of the Mother of God in kiots of minimal available sizes, i.e. 130×180 mm. 

If you wish to order these icons in a larger size or change their design, please leave your comments via the Comment field of your order.

The final cost of these icons will be calculated on an individual basis.

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Weight, kg0.0003
ImageWedding Set
TypeShoulder-Length Icon
Size (mm)130x180
BaseMarble plate
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