Tips for Clergy

  1. 20 May 2024

    Should Silent Prayers Be Read Aloud?

    In today's post, we will address the question from one of our readers about the silent prayers during the Divine Liturgy. Specifically, we...

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  2. 10 May 2024

    Hand Wash Vs. Machine. Which To Prefer?

    Today at the Orthodox Clergy Club, we discuss a small extension of the topic of washing liturgical vestments. The scope of the previous mailings...

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  3. 30 Apr 2024

    How To Iron Priest Vestments Correctly

    Having covered the washing process, Nun Agrippina offers you a new video, in which she shares her techniques for ironing a phelonion and...

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  4. 24 Apr 2024

    How to Wash a Priest Vestment at Home

    This time nun Agrippina will teach us to wash a priest vestment at home. We filmed a full video guide for you and hope that you...

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  5. 19 Apr 2024

    How To Take Measurements Correctly

    We hope this article will be of practical use to you. Measurements are an indispensable part of ordering a church vestment. The artisans from...

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  6. 17 Apr 2024

    The Kamilavka: Ground Rules for Wearing It

    The topic of today's posting concerns a clerical vestment called Kamilavka, a tall brimless head cover worn by Orthodox clergy. We hope you...

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Why an Orthodox Clergy Club?

Why an Orthodox Clergy Club?

We are pleased to announce a new online project – the Orthodox Clergy Club. It is an online hub where Orthodox clergy, monastics and church workers can reach out to like-minded people and enlarge their circle of friends.

The idea comes from you, our valued visitors to the online store and our beloved blog readers. Recently, many have asked us for practical advice on caring for the church items available from us. Almost all of the letters came from the clergy serving in non-Orthodox countries of Europe and North America, and to us, these queries revealed a much deeper need. Where Orthodox parishes are rare, small and scattered over a wide area, it is easy to feel isolated at times. We hope to help you build a stronger sense of community with like-minded people. We wish to offer you a welcoming space where you, the clergy, monastics and church workers, can find inspiration and enthusiasm in your difficult ministry!

We are all working hard to be better servants to our flock, bring more people to the faith, make new disciples of Christ, and enhance our prayer and worship lives. So share your insights, questions and misgivings, suggest discussion topics and ask your questions. Give your feedback.

At Saint Elisabeth Convent, We have plenty to share from our rich experience of ministry and worship. Sometimes, we will answer with an extended e-mail or blog article. But we also look forward to hearing your views, advice and experience and will gladly publish articles from you! We hope to become more than a one-way message board.