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Now you can contribute to the social ministry of St Elisabeth Convent in four easy steps:

1. Press “Add to Bag” and go to “My Bag” in the upper right corner of the menu (the bag icon).  

2. Press "Proceed to Checkout" to fill in the necessary information.

3. Fill in the required fields, and specify how much you would like to donate in the comments. 

4. Press the “Place Order Now” button and wait for our specialist to contact you.

Your donations will directly help the ministry of St. Elisabeth Convent. Please note that whenever you buy items from our catalog, the proceeds will also be used to fund the ministry of the Convent.

Please be sure to sign up for our newsletter, so we can keep you informed about the work of our sisters, our new products, and much more.

God bless you for your prayers, support and donation!

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