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Welcome to the online catalogue of St Elisabeth convent. Read more

Welcome to the online catalogue of St Elisabeth convent. Our history begins around 2015. By that time, our brothers and sisters had been travelling for years to parishes in America and Europe, spreading the word about the good works of St. Elisabeth Convent and displaying the products of its workshops. Over time, we formed deep friendships with many priests and bishops.

Increasingly, people were showing an interest in the Convent's products. At the time, Many Orthodox parishes abroad were experiencing a shortage of good quality church supplies and liturgical vestments. Our workshops were already making all these objects for the Convent, and we were happy to make some for our friends in America and Europe.

Eventually, new people found out about us through word of mouth. New orders kept coming in, and our workshops grew.

From day one, we have also taken orders for bespoke products. To meet the individual demands of our clients, we sometimes needed to master new technologies and processes. As a result, we learned to make many new items and expanded our product range continually. We increased our offering of parts of the church interior, liturgical objects and vestments and found new customers worldwide.

When the product catalogue of our workshops went online, it served a single purpose: to inform our audiences about our versatile product offering. Eventually, as the orders continued to grow, the catalogue evolved into a full-scale online shop and became a means of two-way communication between our workshops and outside customers.

Today we offer liturgical and monastic vestments, painted and stoneware icons, church vessels, ceramics, Christmas and Easter gifts and much more. We take orders for bespoke items. The priests, nuns and parishioners of Saint Elisabeth Convent use every item on the list, and their satisfaction is our best quality assurance.

Helping the poor and disadvantaged is essential to our service to Christ. For many years, we have visited the patients of the next-door long-term care facility for disabled children, providing leisure and social activities and caring for their spiritual needs. During the Covid epidemic, the visits had to stop because of quarantine restrictions, and we needed to find creative ways to stay connected. We developed and launched two charitable campaigns so that no child or adult patient of the long-term care institutions where we minister went without a present for Christmas or Easter. We gave the Christmas campaign the name "Secret Angel", and the Paschal campaign the name "Easter Basket". They are still ongoing and open to your participation. We would be delighted to have you on board!