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Wedding icons  are a pair of icons (one of the Holy Savior and the other of the Mother of God) made in the same style.

Parents bless their children before marriage with these icons. After the Sacrament of Matrimony, the priest gives the bridegroom an icon of the Savior and the bride an icon of the Most Holy Theotokos. These icons accompany the married couple all their life and are the main icons in their home iconostasis.

There is a tradition to pass family icons from one generation to the next as a family heritage.

How Do I Choose and Buy Wedding Icons?

If you find it hard to choose wedding icons, you can write to us via the Contact Us form and specify your questions and wishes in the message. We will be glad to help you to select the wedding set of icons.

What Kind of Icons Can Be Used As Wedding Icons?

Any image of the Holy Savior and the Mother of God can be a wedding icon. However, the icons must be consecrated in an Orthodox church.

Both affordable lacquered icons and icons painted with tempera or acrylic paints can be used as wedding icons.

The workshops of St Elisabeth Convent can make wedding icons embroidered with beads, pearls, precious and semi-precious gemstones, or a wedding set in a metal oklad, too.

If you wish to buy painted wedding icons or icons decorated with an embroidered or metal oklad, please place your order in advance. It takes about a month to paint an icon, and about the same time to make an oklad for the icon.

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Handmade Wedding Icons