Support Men’s Rehab Center

"Whoever comes to me, I will not drive away"

Saint Elisabeth Convent also runs a farmstead for disadvantaged men, which is larger and meets a greater need. Two hundred men are residing here at present. Their past is even more troubled, and their situations are even more desperate. Most come because they have nowhere else to go, with criminal records and long years of homelessness and substance abuse. We believe that God wants salvation for all; everyone can meet Him and embrace Him in their lives. Our brothers go to church, confess and take communion, and with prayer, many acquire the will and power to transform and build a new life.

Everyone deserves a chance, and no one should be turned away.

Please help us provide for the basic needs of food, accommodation, clothing of the brothers who come to us. It costs the equivalent of $120 to support a brother for one month.

Let us join forces to help our brothers find God and assist them in their struggle for salvation.

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