Seeking peace in the spirit

More than thirty women find shelter, food and work here on any day. Each comes with a difficult past and an uncertain future. Our doors are open to all who want a chance to change. We are running this farmstead for their sakes, so they may find healing in the spirit and feel needed.

We built a church, for no one can reach the Kingdom of God without prayer and God's help. The church’s patron saint, the Venerable Sergius of Radonezh, intercedes for them in their bitter inner struggle for salvation.

To help the Lord do His work, our nuns are doing their best to create for all of our less fortunate sisters an atmosphere of a stable home and widen the choice of occupations that they can try and practise.

Your help is needed to create a garden around our living quarters and shelter a work area on our grounds.

We hope that with your donations, we will be able to make the work of our sisters more comfortable and give everyone their precious moments of relaxation by a pond amid a field of flowers after a hard day's work.

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