Epitaphios of Our Lord Jesus Christ, 50×75 cm

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Materials: silk or brocade, decorative components.

An Orthodox Epitaphios (Shroud) of Jesus Christ, machine embroidery.

The Shroud of Jesus Christ can be made on brocade or velvet and in any liturgical color you choose. The icon of the Holy Savior is embroidered with silk threads. There a troparion and decorative embroidery along the borders of the image.

The troparion can be embroidered in a different language.

It takes 2-6 weeks to make this Epitaphios of Jesus Christ. Please place your orders in advance.

This sacred item is made in a workshop of St Elisabeth Convent. Each shroud may be slightly different from the one shown on the photo.

*If you'd like to select an Epitaphios of a different color, please specify the required color in the Comments section of your order.

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Epitaphios of Our Lord Jesus Christ, 50×75 cm