Holy Shroud of the Mother of God 40×70 cm


Materials: icon on wood, velvet, brocade, decorative elements.

Shroud of Virgin Mary, handmade.

The icon of the Mother of God is painted with acrylic paints on wood. The image is framed with natural pearls and metal cord. The vestment and the halo of Virgin Mary are decorated with white and pink natural pearls, strasses, decorative gemstones, cannetille, beads, and embroidered with ribbons.

The troparion can be made in a different language.

The Shroud of Virgin Mary is decorated with an embroidered troparion, fringe, and handmade tassels.

It takes 2-6 months or more to make this Shroud. Please place your orders in advance.

This Holy Shroud is made exclusively by hand, so it can be slightly different from the one shown on the photo.

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Holy Shroud of the Mother of God 40×70 cm