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A family icon is an image of all the saints of the entire family (parents, children, parents of parents, etc.). Such an icon becomes the center of the family iconostasis and is often passed from generation to generation.

Family icons are an ancient Christian tradition. They can feature the holy patrons of both the living and the dead family members because all are alive for the Lord. They can also often contain images of Jesus Christ and the Mother of God, the Guardian Angel, and the saints who are especially revered by the family.

The icon painters of St Elisabeth Convent will paint an Orthodox family icon to order.

You can have it painted using either tempera or acrylic paints.

The inscriptions on the icon can be made in any language.

The size of an icon depends on how many saints are portrayed on it and how complex its composition is. The minimal size is 19×25 cm.

The final price and the time it will take to paint a family icon also depends on the size of the icon, the complexity of its composition, and its decorations.

We recommend ordering an icon case for this icon. It will help to keep your family icon protected from humidity and temperature fluctuations, dust, drafts, and mechanical damage.

A family icon can be additionally decorated with a metal oklad or a textile oklad embroidered with gemstones, beads, and cannetille.

The icon painter who paints a family icon prays for the people whose heavenly patrons he is painting. He also asks others to pray for him, so that the Lord would grant him the Holy Spirit and assist him in the process of painting the icon.

After they are painted, family icons are consecrated in St Elisabeth Convent.

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