Album - Chants of the Great Lent. The Monastic Choir Of St Elisabeth Convent (downloadable version)

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This version of the album Chants of the Great Lent is available for download. If you would like to order a hard copy please follow this link.

Orthodox worship texts are a great treasure of spiritual wisdom. A person who listens to the words from the Holy Scripture, the Psalms, prayers, and canons that convey the godsent spiritual experience of the holy ascetics, holy teachers and hierarchs of the Church, can partake of the Holy Orthodox faith with their help. The services of the Great Lent and the Holy Pascha are especially notable thanks to their expressiveness and depth.

Chants of the Great Lent CD album features a selection of Lenten chants performed by the Monastic Choir of St Elisabeth Convent using mainly znamenny, Valamo, Kievan, and Bulgarian chant patterns.

The ascetic and chaste sound of the two-part chants featured in this album, such as By the Rivers of Babylon, Now the Heavenly Hosts, Your Fatherly Embrace, etc., as well as the atmosphere of Lenten services as a whole, teach the faithful that the Lent is a period of deep humility and true repentance. This album closes with The Lament of the Theotokos, which is an example of a Russian spiritual canticle that expresses the believers' soulful and profound feelings of repentance.

01. Great Litany (Valaam Chant)
02. Kontakion — My Soul...
03. Come. Let Us Bless Jossif...
04. By the Waters of Babylon (Znamenny Chant)
05. Now the Powers of Heaven (Valaam Chant)
06. The Blessed (Valaam Chant)
07. O Lord of Hosts, Be with Us (Znamenny Chant)
08. Adam Sitting (Valaam Chant)
09. I Have Recklessly Forgotten Your Glory. O Father (Bulgarian Chant)
10. Open to Me the Gates of Repentance (Znamenny Chant) 
11. O Virgin Theotokos. Rejoice (Valaam Chant)
12. Partake and See (Valaam Chant)
13. Thy Abode (Kievan Chant)
14. Today He is Hung upon the Cross (Znamenny Chant)
15. In the Morning (Valaam Chant)
16. Turn Not Thy Face Away from Thy Servant (Znamenny Chant)
17. Let All Human Flesh Keep Silence (Kievan Chant)
18. Of Thy Mystical Supper (Znamenny Chant)
19. Moaning of Theotokos (Early 19th Century Chant)

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Album - Chants of the Great Lent. The Monastic Choir Of St Elisabeth Convent (downloadable version)