DVD The Great Lent. Neophyte's Errors (downloadable version with subtitles)

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The Great Lent. Neophyte's Errors. Here are eight new stories from the Parables series.

English, German, French & Serbian subtitles available!

This is a prequel to the Three Parables movie series, a few stories about how difficult it was for the main character to become a novice.

The first deeds of a newborn soul are often unwise and impertinent, because the encounter with God inspires man so much that he feels like he is flying on wings! Unfortunately, he often fails painfully. Owing to this, nobody is ever tonsured as a monk as soon as they come to the monastery. At first they are given a simple obedience - to work.

Our main character is now a postulant. He recently came to the monastery to become a monk. His love for God is so passionate! He seems to have so much energy! That he takes on more than he can bear. That's where the neophyte's, that is, the beginner's errors happen. This movie is a performance review that a wise clergyman helps the ardent neophyte to do.

Directed by: Vitaly Lyubetsky.



1. The Sunday of Forgiveness
2. I'll Be Fasting Hard!
3. Dangers of Praying
4. Xerophagy

5. Grandma's Pies
6. Full Confession
7. Temptation
8. Breaking The Fast 

Duration: 65 min.

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DVD The Great Lent. Neophyte's Errors (downloadable version with subtitles)