Album - Chants of the Great Lent and the Holy Pascha (downloadable version)

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The Great Lent is a true school of repentance where each person should annually learn to deepen her faith, to take another look on her life and to change it as much as it is possible. The Great Lent is an annual pilgrimage to the origins of the Orthodox faith where the right way of living of an Orthodox person is revealed to us. The Church demonstrates to us the ultimate meaning of the Lent through images and through the very layout of the worship during this unique period of the year.

Protopresbyter Alexander Schmemann

Pascha is the affirmation of our immortality, the image of the future resurrection of the dead, the beginning of the eternal life, the victory of Christ over the two tyrants of the humankind — the hell and the death. Christ is Risen! The beams of light, which shine forth from the depth of these words like from a light-filled abyss, reach the remotest corners of the Universe. These words possess an inexplicable attraction, as if Christ touched a person's heart with His own hand.
Archimandrite Raphael Karelin

Performed by the Choir of SS. Peter and Paul Cathedral, Minsk

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Album - Chants of the Great Lent and the Holy Pascha (downloadable version)