IMP-03-01/12 Theodore of Amasea

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A painted icon of St Theodore Tyro, venerated in the Orthodox Church as a great martyr. The saint is portrayed in a military dress, with a sword and a spear, as well as a soldier's coat on his shoulders.

Short Biography

Tyro means a new recruit in Latin. St Theodore was a Roman soldier from Amasea (a town in Asia Minor) who refused to perform a sacrifice to pagan gods and confessed Christ as his Savior. He was imprisoned but remained adamant even during torture and death.


This icon is painted using the following materials:

  •  Acrylic or tempera paints
  •  Lime, alder, or pine board with oak splines
  •  Low-count fabric
  •  Gesso
  •  Colored wax
  •  Gold leaf
  •  Linseed oil
  •  Hide glue
  •  Varnishes (mordant, kauri gum, acryl-styrolic)


Available in several sizes ranging from 14.5×19.5 cm to 27×35 cm.


Decorated with gold-plating of the halo and the background; gold painting on the vestments; chiseling on gesso. This icon of St Theodore Tyro may be adorned with wrought silver, an oklad, gemstones in casts. We recommend placing this icon in an opening or a non-opening icon case to protect it from humidity fluctuations and dust.

Price & Deadlines

The cost of this icon and the time it will take to make it are negotiable, depending on its size, decorations, complexity of its composition, gold-plating. Once it is ready, the icon will be consecrated in St Elisabeth Convent.

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SKU IMP-03-01/12
Image Saints
Minimum size, cm 40×52
Paints Type acrylic / tempera
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