ST-KI-06/57 Carved Icon Case

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A handmade carved icon case (kiot).

The wood-carving workshop of St Elisabeth Convent will make a carved icon case of any size to order. The minimal size of an icon for this icon case is 21×30 cm.

An icon case protects the icon from temperature fluctuations and excessive humidity, as well as from dust and mechanical damage, which helps to preserve the original appearance of the icon for a long time.

The final price of the kiot depends on the icon that you plan to put in it, the wood from which the kiot is made (birchwood, oak, alder, etc.), the kiot type (opening or non-opening), and additional decorations (incrustation with gemstones, etc.)

Let us know about your preferences (materials, size, and the like) via the comment section of your order.

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Weight, kg0.0003
Dimensions21×30 cm and more (icon)
Materialswood, glass
TypeIcon Case
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