Album - You Simply Have to Love. A Pilgrims Songs (downloadable version)

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This new album is unique because both choirs of St Elisabeth Convent, i.e., the monastic choir and the festive choir, sing together. The monastic sisters lead the chant in two or three voices while the festive choir provides a backup by imitating the sound of a harp or a guitar, typical of this genre.

This disc features a variety of styles: from the Slavic folklore ('Oh, went and passed' and 'Haze Over Water') and Tchaikovsky's music ('The Crown of Thorns' ('When Jesus Christ Was Yet A Child')) to music created by our contemporaries – Hieromonk Roman ('Hail, O Bride Unwedded'), Archdeacon Roman ('God Have Mercy on Me'), Nun Juliania (Denisova) ('A Publican', 'You Simply Have to Love', words by Archpriest Andrew Logvinov). All songs were treated by one and the same author, the precentor of St Elisabeth Convent Nun Juliania, and have one single style, which is why all of them sound like one single whole and are easy to listen to.

Songs featured on the new disc:

  1. You Simply Have to Love*. Lyrics by Archpriest Andrew Logvinov
  2. The Wanderer. Author unknown
  3. God, Have Mercy on Me. Author unknown
  4. O Wondrous Isle of Valaam! Lyrics by Monk Peter Mikhailov
  5. God Save You. Lyrics and music by sisters of St Elisabeth Convent
  6. Faith, Hope, Love. Lyrics by Archpriest Igor Lepeshinsky
  7. Hail, O Bride Unwedded. Lyrics and music by Hieromonk Roman (Matyushin)
  8. When Jesus Christ Was Yet A Child. Music by P. Tschaikowsky, lyrics by A. Pleshcheyev
  9. Agni Parthene. Lyrics and music by St Nectarios of Aegina
  10. A Tear. Lyrics and music by A. Denisova
  11. Three Angels. Belarusian traditional canticle
  12. Haze Over Water. Folk song
  13. The Publican*. Lyrics by Archpriest Andrew Logvinov
  14. The Thread of Destiny*. Lyrics by A. Solodovnikov and Nun Juliania
  15. The Poor Brethren. Traditional canticle

*music by Nun Juliania


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Album - You Simply Have to Love. A Pilgrims Songs (downloadable version)