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This version of the album "Shining Bright. A Pilgrim's Songs" is available for download. If you would like to order a hard copy please follow this link.

Elder Nicholas (Gurianov), who greatly appreciated and collected spiritual songs and was a man of pure and holy life, wrote, “The pious Russian people have an innate love of singing. However, they have always been especially fond of religious songs, otherwise known as canticles… These spiritually edifying songs are sung by monks and nuns who live in holy monasteries at odd times and in the moments of joy or sorrow… Whether you are in a friendly circle, at home with your family, at work or at leisure, singing spiritual songs will be a useful substitute for small talk, filling up the idle time and creating an exalted mood.”

This disc contains some of the spiritual songs from The Word of Life book of sheet music by Elder Nicholas, The Harmony of Times sheet music collection, as well as other songs passed down through the oral tradition or in audio recordings. These songs are not used during worship but nonetheless reveal the pious Church spirit. They are performed by the Monastic Choir of St Elisabeth Convent conducted by Nun Irina (Denisova).

The pure and consistent sound, wonderful melodies and soulful folk poetry will not leave the heart of any Christian indifferent and will surely bring genuine spiritual comfort to every listener.

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Album - Shining Bright. Pilgrims Songs (downloadable version) CD-34988