Mitre with Embroidered Angels ZSH-M-5-15


Fabric: velvet or church brocade.

The following mitre can be made from velvet or church brocade fabric and is available in various liturgical colors. The mitre is decorated with an embroidery depicting Angels from gold and silver threads, decorative galloon, golden laces and icons. The icons on the mitre are made using the gold-plating/blackening and silver-plating/blackening techniques.

The mitre can be decorated with rhinestones and semi-precious stones encrusted in a gold-plated base.

The mitre is handcrafted to order by the workshops of the convent.

Final price and timeframe will depend on the complexity level of the added decorations.

In order to receive the final price on this mitre please select the desired color, fabric and if a cross is to be included. You can also indicate your head girth in the comment field.

*When selecting a different color than pictured, please indicate your preference in your order comments.

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Mitre with Embroidered Angels ZSH-M-5-15