Reliquary for Holy Relics

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A handmade reliquary specifically designed for hassle-free transportation.
Made from brass, copper, oak wood, semiprecious gemstones.
Covered with 2 μm gold, 6 μm silver.

Made using electrotype, filigree, openwork filigree, etching.
One of the first such reliquaries is now in San Francisco Russian Orthodox Cathedral holding the holy relics of St John of Shanghai.

Size: 400×300×82 mm.
This reliquary is made to order in the non-ferrous metals workshop of St Elisabeth Convent.
It takes 2+ months to make such a reliquary.

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Materials/Techniqueselectrotype, wood, brass, patination, stones, gold-plating, silver-plating, filigree
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Reliquary for Holy Relics