044-XC Christ the Pantocrator

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This icon of Christ the Pantocrator was made in the lacquered icons workshop of St Elisabeth Convent. A high-quality printed image is firmly glued to a wooden board made from birchwood or alder and covered with an additional protective layer. The icon of Christ the Pantocrator (this Greek word means "The King of All") is a popular image of Christ, which is often placed inside the dome of an Orthodox church.

As a rule, the Saviour is portrayed at half length or at full length, with a scroll or a Gospel book in his left hand and blessing people with his right hand. Such icons are known as early as since the VI century (like, for instance, the icon of Christ the Pantocrator of Mt Sinai).

Normally, Jesus is shown wearing a red tunic (red is the color of blood, sacrifice, and also the royal color) and a blue himation (blue being the color of purity and the sky), and there is a vertical golden stripe called clavus, which symbolizes the Lord's power and nobility. The halo with the cross on it reminds us of his voluntary sacrifice on Mount Golgotha. This lacquered icon of Christ the Pantocrator is a replica of an ancient Bulgarian icon and comes in several sizes.

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Size (cm)multiple sizes
Icon Board MaterialWood
ImageJesus Christ
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