035-XC Christ the Pantocrator

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035-ХС Christ the Pantocrator 4×5 cm
035-XC Christ the Pantocrator 6×8 cm
035-XC Christ the Pantocrator 10×12 cm
035-XC Christ the Pantocrator 15×18 cm
A lacquered icon of Christ the Pantocrator. This icon is made by glueing a high-quality printed image on a wooden board and covering it with a layer of transparent lacquer. This icon is a copy of an icon originally painted by Viktor Vasnetsov, a renowned Russian 19th-century artist, for the main dome of St Vladimir Cathedral in Kiev. Christ is portrayed in the center of the icon with a starry sky background. The Savior blesses those who look at the icon with his right hand, and holds the Gospel with an inscription that reads, I am the Light to the world (John 8:12), in his left hand. Blue, brown, and gold are the dominant colors of this icon. According to iconographic tradition, blue is a symbol of height, spirituality, heaven, and eternity, while brown is the color of earth. By combining these two colors, the icon painter alludes to the divine and human natures of Christ. Gold is the color of God, the color of the shining Life. This icon of Christ the Pantocrator has several sizes to choose from.
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Size (cm)multiple sizes
Icon Board MaterialWood
ImageJesus Christ
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