050-XC Descent from the Cross

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050-XC Descent from the Cross 6×8 cm
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050-XC Descent from the Cross 4×5 cm
050-XC Descent from the Cross 12×16.5 cm
This icon showing the Descent of our Lord Jesus Chris from the Cross was made in the lacquered icons workshop of St Elisabeth Convent. Printed image, wooden board, varnish.The original of this lacquered icon was painted in late XV century. The body of Christ is in the center of this icon; his body is framed with the figures of the grieving myrrh-bearing women, St Joseph of Arimathea, the Mother of God, St John and St Nicodemus.The Blessed Virgin Mary clings to her dead Son. Joseph holds the Body of Christ with trembling and sets his foot on the crucifix: the ascent of people to the divine realm is possible only through the Cross.Christ elevates me thanks to his Crucifixion; Christ raises me from the dead by his death; Christ gives me life (Canon of the Cross and Resurrection, Ode 1)St John is Jesus's beloved disciple, which is why his clothes are the same color as the clothes of Christ, i.e. blue and red - blue being the symbol of heaven and purity, and red being the symbol of blood and suffering. Today God incarnate dies voluntarily to heal the humankind from sin and death.St Athanasius the Great says, Oh the miracle! God has fallen to raise man up!" God bows to earth to be closer to the sorrowful people, and Joseph rises up towards him.This icon is available in several sizes.
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Size (cm)multiple sizes
Icon Board MaterialWood
ImageJesus Christ
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