Pendant half-length angel

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This pendant is a half-length figurine of an Angel. His meek and illuminated face, delicate complexion, beaming eyes create a fragile and heavenly image. This product is more than just a decoration because when exposed to sunlight, this Angel shines, and it feels like a miracle.

This pendant is made from transparent color glass and painted with unfired paints. Made by fusing pieces of glass together in a special kiln. If handled with care, things made of glass will last practically forever. Decades after they were manufactured, their colors remain as bright and saturated. They are not damaged by humidity, temperature fluctuations or direct sunlight.

Each item is unique and may be slightly different from the one shown on the photo.

Size: 92x135 mm.

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Size, mm XXL (130+)
Type of glass gift Pendant
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Pendant half-length angel