014-XC Good Shepherd

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014-ХС Good Shepherd 4×5 cm
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014-ХС Good Shepherd 10×12 cm

Icon Good Shepherd (image printed on paper, wooden board, lacquer).

The Lord Jesus Christ calls himself the Good Shepherd who is ready to sacrifice his life for his sheep. Following his words, the icons that represent this ancient type of iconography show Jesus as a shepherd who carries his lost sheep on his shoulders. The first images that portray the Good Shepherd are found in Roman catacombs and date back as early as the first or the second century. During the persecution era, He was depicted as a beardless young shepherd, heavily influenced by antique art. This type of iconography was virtually the only way to portray Christ until the fourth century.

When Christianity became the official religion in the 4th century, the image of Christ as the Good Shepherd undergoes transformations that set him apart from the classical tradition: his clothes change; icons and frescoes show Christ not as a young man but as a mature adult. Gradually, the image of the Good Shepherd becomes less widespread than the image of Christ the Pantocrator but it remains recognizable and highly revered to this day.

This icon of the Good Shepherd comes in several sizes.

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Size (cm)multiple sizes
Icon Board MaterialWood
ImageJesus Christ
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