It Is One Victory That We Want

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This is a video from the concert held in May 2012 in the rehabilitation center of St Elisabeth Convent by the residents of this center. That concert was dedicated to the V-Day, and it was truly special both for those who participated in it and for the audience. The blessed memory of those who died defending our homeland is still alive in people's hearts. It took almost six months to rehearse the wartime songs for this concert. The audience consisted not only of the residents of the rehabilitation center but also everyone else - priests, sisters of mercy, the employees of the Convent, parishioners and their families. Nun Juliania (Denisova) is the ensemble director. The members of the ensemble are amateur musicians — those who undergo rehabilitation in the Center after having been addicted to alcohol and drugs or having served prison terms for many years. Today they are soldiers, too. All they need is to win!

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It Is One Victory That We Want