Pascha on the Bald Mountain

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This film tells the story of St Elisabeth Convent. For more than ten years, the sisters and brothers of the Sisterhood in honour of the holy martyr Grand Princess Elisabeth have been working for God's sake. They build churches, paint frescoes and icons, help the needy and the suffering. When at the Convent, you will feel that God is near, you will understand the power of incessant prayer and be filled with a unique atmosphere of Christian love.

Based on the life story of one person, this film shows the life at the rehabilitation center (the metochion) of St Elisabeth Convent where people who had lost everything can find shelter and refuge. Everything in the life at the metochion leads an individual to the Light. It is very important that a miracle may happen here and a new personality who would enjoy his new life, be thankful for it and cherish it as an invaluable gift, may be born.

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Pascha on the Bald Mountain