010-XC The Shroud of Turin

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010-ХС Holy Shroud of Turin 4×5 cm
010-ХС Holy Shroud of Turin 6×8 cm
010-ХС Holy Shroud of Turin 10×12 cm
010-ХС Holy Shroud of Turin 15×18 cm

The Face of Jesus (a fragment of the Shroud of Turin).

A printed image is glued to a wooden board and covered with lacquer.

People call Turin Shroud the fifth Gospel that tells the story of the passion of Christ, his death on the cross, as well as the miracle of Resurrection. It was a piece of golden brown linen fabric which covered the body of Christ after his death on the Cross. There are no traces of paint on this piece of fabric, however, the image of a man with traces of wounds caused by the crown of thorns, the flagellation and the crucifixion, is easily discernible. In essence, the Shroud of Turin is a reverse image revealed to the world long before the invention of photography.The researchers who took a look at the Shroud in 1978 put forward an assumption that the image on the fabric had been caused by incredibly strong radiation, when the shroud became something like a photo paper but they could not fully explain this phenomenon.
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Size (cm)multiple sizes
Icon Board MaterialWood
ImageJesus Christ
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