The Ark Cup & Saucer Set

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A handmade cup and saucer set made in the Ceramic Workshop of St Elisabeth Convent.

The cup and saucer set is made of the so-called 'warm ceramics' (without white pigment) and has a natural yellowish color

The meticulously balanced color combination and golden elements make this set look magnificent.

There is an image of the Noah's Ark on the one side of the cup, whilst there is an Angel pointing at a dove carrying a green branch in its beak. The decorative pattern of waves and fish makes the image more pronounced.

The image references the Old Testament story in which Noah built the Ark and went into it together with his kin and with animals and birds of every kind. The land was under water for a long time after the Flood, so Noah let a dove out of the Ark to see whether the water had been gone. One day, the dove brought him a green branch in his beak, and that was how Noah found out that the earth surface was dry enough for them to leave the Ark.

The cup holds 400 ml.

Size of the cup: 8.8×12.3×9 cm.

It usually takes 2-3 weeks to make this cup and saucer set.

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The Ark Cup & Saucer Set