Evening Angel

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The day is over, with all its troubles and routines... Noise on the streets dies out. We return home at last. We are tired and look forward to comfort and peace and meeting our families. The Angel flies, carrying a nocturnal veil in his hands, covering our cities, streets, and houses with it. Night is coming, and the blessed silence and relaxation are coming with it. Night lamps shine with soft light, and one can hear the tender sounds of a lullaby. God's creatures are sleeping, the wondrous God's world is sleeping, and the Angel guards our sleep.

If handled with care, glass products will last almost forever. Decades after they were made, their colors remain bright and brilliant. Humidity, temperature fluctuations or exposure to sunlight won't damage them.

Each item is unique and may be slightly different from the one shown on the photo.

Please specify your color preferences in the Comment field of your order.

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Evening Angel