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Icons of Jesus Christ

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Overview of the Orthodox icons of Jesus Christ

The icons of Jesus Christ are dear to the heart of every believer and are the most revered in the Orthodox Church. They reaffirm the ever-presence of God in our lives and attune us to conversing with Him.

The Orthodox iconographic tradition, several images are common. First among them is the icon “Not made by hand”. According to tradition, it represents the authentic image of Jesus that appeared miraculously on a cloth pressed against His face. Another is Christ Pantocrator: it depicts Jesus holding a Gospel in His one hand, and raising His other hand in a blessing. Christ Immanuel portrays Him at his first arrival in Jerusalem when he was twelve years old. In the icon "Christ in Majesty", He sits on a throne amid the angels and saints, in His glory and power. The image “Silence of the Saviour”, perhaps one the rarest, shows Christ before His second coming to the Earth. The eight-pointed star on His head symbolizes His incomprehensibility to the human mind.

How your icon of Jesus Christ is created: process and delivery

At St Elisabeth Convent, we have been painting icons since 1998. Our artisans have taken great care to uphold the ancient traditions of Russian and Byzantine iconography. We have painted thousands of religious icons found in churches and homes across the world.

We use an ancient process comprising the following main stages:

  1. Prepare the board and the outer frame;
  2. Affix the linen with glue and apply several layers of gesso ("levkas");
  3. Transfer the drawing;
  4. Gild the background, halos and other elements;
  5. Paint the image from the background details to the face.

We use the acrylic and egg tempera techniques. All the ingredients come from natural sources, and are mixed in keeping with the ancient recipes. We put a protective layer of varnish over the finished icon. For extra durability consider placing your icon in a kiot (strongly recommended).

Choose any icon of Jesus from our catalogue, or place a custom order. The icons of Jesus are for sale in different sizes. We offer a variety of icon types - family, marriage, name and church icons, and duplicates, among others.

Please note that the final price depends on your location and delivery option. We will contact you to confirm the details after receiving your order.