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Icons from Semiprecious Stones

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Learn more about the Crushed Semi-Precious Stone Workshop of St. Elisabeth Convent

Icons from semi-precious stones are handmade to order in the Crushed Semi-Precious Stone Workshop of St Elisabeth Convent.

Any icon is a treasure, a unique object of great value. Icons from semi-precious stones are treasures both figuratively and literally. Stones that come from all over the world and have different colors are hand picked for each icon, ground and grated by hand, sorted according to their size and hue.

Our experts use amethyst, amber, turquoise, malachite, agate, azurite, coral, magnesite, cinnabar, pearls, garnet, etc. to make icons. The ground stones are glued to a marble or serpentine marble base. You can read about making icons from semiprecious stones in more detail on the Crushed Semi-Precious Stone Workshop's page.

Icons from semi-precious stones never fade nor lose color. An icon may be made on a marble or serpentine marble base. A serpentine marble base has a standard size of 10.5×15 cm (4.13×5.9 in). An icon case (kiot) is not available for such an icon.

An icon from stones may have any size you like, depending on the type of the image.

Shoulder length icons: 75×105, 105×150, 130×180, 150×210, 180×240, 210×300, 300×400 mm.
Half-length icons: 130×180, 150×210, 180×240, 210x300, 300×400 mm.
Measure icons, icons of feasts, family icons: 210×300, 300×400 mm.

The cost of an icon from semiprecious stones depends on its size, complexity and the type of the icon case (whether it may be opened or not).