IMP-04-01-39 St Simon the Myrrh-Streamer

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A painted icon of St Simon the Myrrh-Streamer, the King of Serbia.

The inscription on this icon can be made in any language.

Brief Life Story of the Saint

Saint Symeon was a 12th-century king of Serbia. He put a lot of effort into political and spiritual unification of Serbia. He built and maintained many monasteries and churches. He was the father of Saint Sava of Serbia and Saint Stefan the First-Crowned, and an ancestor of many Serbian saints. After he abdicated his throne, St Symeon went to Mount Athos where he founded Hilandar Monastery together with his son, St Sava.

Commemorated on February 26.


This icon is painted using the following materials:

  • Acrylic or tempera paints
  • Lime, pine, or alder board
  • Gesso
  • Colored wax
  • Gold leaf
  • Linseed oil
  • Hide glue
  • Varnishes (mordant, kauri gum, acryl-styrolic)


This icon of Saint Simon the Myrrh-Streamer is available in several sizes:

  • 16.5×21.5 cm
  • 19×25 cm
  • 23.5×31 cm
  • 27×35 cm
  • 30×41 cm
  • 40×52 cm


This icon has a hand-carved rectangular central panel. The margins, the halo, and the background are covered with gold leaf.

It can be additionally adorned with wrought silver, a metal or a textile oklad, precious and semiprecious gemstones. We recommend putting this icon into an opening or a non-opening icon case.

Price & Deadlines

The final price of the icon of St Simon and the time it will take to paint it depend on its size and the complexity of its decoration.

Once this icon is painted, it will be consecrated in St Elisabeth Convent.

More Information
Weight, kg0.0003
Paints Typeacrylic / tempera
Minimum size, cm16.5×21.5 cm
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