Non-Opening Icon Case

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Unlike an opening icon case, this icon case does not have hinges.

An icon is placed inside it by opening it from behind.

This icon case is made from birch wood. Reliably protects an icon against temperature and humidity fluctuations, as well as from dust or mechanical impact.

The quoted price is for a wooden kiot produced for 21×30 cm icon size.

The final price of a kiot can vary depending on the size of your icon and the type of the kiot (opening or non-opening), materials used (birch, oak, alder, etc.), and additional decorations (incrustation with gemstones, etc.)

We can make an icon case of any size/color to order. 

Any icon case can be opening or non-opening, based on your preferences.

 Please specify all your preferences (materials, sizes, etc.) in the comment field of your order.

SKU: KG-010
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Type Icon Case
Materials oak, birch
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Non-Opening Icon Case