Stone Icon of The Holy Trinity

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Handmade Icon of Holy Trinity.

This composition is made using semiprecious stones and gold leaf:

White — alumina, calcite, marble;
Cherry — haematite, jasper;
Blue and pale blue — azurite, lazurite, turquoise, turkmenite, iolite;
Yellow — amber, lemonite, jarosite, auripigment;
Golden — pyrite, astrophyllite;
Red — coral, cinnabar, tufa, garnet;
Lilac — amethyst, stichtite, lepidolite;
Gray — galenite, antimonite, molybdenite;
Orange — crocoite, carneol, wulfenite;
Black — gagate, shungite, aegirine;
Brown — jasper, sphalerite, volcanic rocks, lemonite;
Green — malachite, dioptase, diopside, serpentine, onyx, amazonite.

Available in the following sizes: 180x240, 200×300, 300×400 mm.

An opening icon case is included in the price of icon.

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Stone Icon of The Holy Trinity