Baptism Gifts for Children


Let us be your personal gift assistant.
For many years, the workshops of St.
Elisabeth Convent have been producing beautiful and useful items that have served as gifts for you and the people you care about. We are delighted to help you give your love to others.

Gift Boxes from St Elisabeth Convent will stand out. Each item is a unique handmade product packed with prayer and love. Especially nowadays due to COVID-19 restrictions, gift boxes will help make any event special even if you can’t be with your loved ones.

Please note, the colours of products may vary, you can specify your preferences in the comment section of your order.  


Contents: prayerbook for children, ceramic cup, wooden magnet, headscarf, towel, lady bug, postcard.

Box dimensions: 22,5cm (L) x 22,5cm (W) x 10cm (D).

 If you want to replace some products from the box, please, choose the desired items from our catalogue, we will pack them in a single gift box.


Each gift box will have a secret present from our sisterhood.


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Baptism Gifts for Children