Stained Glass Panel For Easter

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Easter is the feast of feasts and the most jubilant celebration. There are so many special and amazing foods that are cooked for this great feast! Cottage cheesecake, kollyva, dyed eggs and Easter cakes, rum cakes, rolls, and cupcakes… Some of these foods, such as red eggs, have become a symbol of this day.

This big and colorful Easter stained glass panel shows a basket with Easter eggs. It will remind you of this bright holiday year round.

Easter stained glass panel is 145 x 145 mm.

If handled with care, any glass item will last almost forever. Many years after it was made, its colors won't fade. It is not damaged by humidity, temperature fluctuations, or exposure to sunlight.

Each Easter pendant is unique and may be different from the one shown in the photo.

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Stained Glass Panel For Easter